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is a community and set of tools and resources for the worlds top real estate business leaders. If you’re a real estate business looking to move to the next level, then Discipline Group is for you.

The Discipline Group philosophy is simple





When you know how to ATTRACT quality leads and staff,CONVERT them into happy customers, then have world class systems to RETAIN them all in your business, you create the platform to implement SCALE and become market leader.

Here at Discipline Group, we work hard so you don’t have to

The 7 Biggest Leakages in Your Real Estate Business FREE Ebook

• The strategies you need to scale and grow your sales… without hiring more staff.

• The 7 most common mistakes real estate businesses make, that drain cashflow and stall growth (and how to fix them fast)

• How to implement systems in your business to create consistency in your revenue.

Talk Of The Town

Here is what other real estate leaders are saying about Discipline Group

“After implementing Jess’s system into my business I realised we were able to tighten up areas of leakage that had previously been occurring. We are now implementing these systems into the business to make sure these are addressed and have already seen results in the first two months.

Jason Savage

Director, All Properties Group, Logan, Queensland

“Working with Jess over the last 10 months has given me an intricate understanding of the ideal sales process, including an advanced understanding of stock management techniques and vendor management strategies”.

Zac Boothroyd

Ray White Lara

“His incredible leadership skills & attention to detail are key factors in building a powerful team. His combination of success and humility makes for one powerful role model for business people to platform and springboard their success off.”

Brent Illic

Elevate Your Success, International Auctioneer of the year 2015

“What we have learnt after 20 years in Real Estate is that it can be a very lonely journey leading a team through any market conditions. Although not lacking ideas we found ourselves lacking the structure and processes to run a more effective business, once we made a conscious decision the first hurdle was how do we go about this”

Shane Paget & Julie Robb

Full Circle Real Estate, Christchurch, New Zealand


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Your Clients Deserve This

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The Secret Herbs and Spices Revealed

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